Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Take BPO Leap for Business Growth

Take BPO Leap for Business Growth

Business process outsourcing is a business in itself. It is widely recognized and accepted concept in the current world. BPO though sounds very brief but has entered almost every sector and established as a backbone to the core business. It has not only touched the manufacturing world but also has entered the healthcare management as well as records management industry. Functionalities which are time consuming, costly, complex in managing on site are outsourced to the BPO industry. Time difference between the actual site and BPO location also acts as an advantage.

Types of BPO Services

Grossly the BPO services are divided in to basic 2 types- 
  • Horizontal: Function centric outsourcing and carried out specific functions across different industry domains.
  • Vertical: It provides multiple functional services in the limited number of industry domains.

The functional services can be grouped into following sections:
  1. Customer Interaction Services: In includes but not limited to voice and email processing, marketing, customer support and customer feedback.
  2. Back Office Services: In includes but not limited to payroll, data entry, data extraction, document imaging, healthcare services, insurance services.
  3. IT/Software Operations: In includes but not limited to application development or testing, implementation services.
  4. Finance Accounting Services: In includes but not limited to billing services, auditing and compliance.
  5. Knowledge Services: In includes but not limited to data analysis, data mining, data management.
  6. HR Services: In includes but not limited to administration, recruitment, workforce training.
  7. Travel Industry: For bookings
  8. Manufacturing: For order placement and help services.

Advantages of BPO Key Features

  • Ability to Focus on Core Business:  As BPO works as a third party vendor for various functions in a particular business, it enables the business to grow by focusing on core operations.
  • Availability of Experienced Professionals:  The functions carried out at BPO are always maintained with quality and productivity as job are carried out by professionals with domain expertise.
  • Cost Reduction: It saves the money and cuts the cost. BPO has given rise to a talent pool available with relatively lesser wages. The infrastructure and other costs to carry out these operations at business site are reduced to null.
  • Access to the Latest Updated Technologies: Outsourcing the work to the companies with latest software and technologies with a competitive rates keeps the relatively smaller businesses updated in the modern world.
  • No 
    Hassle of Staff Acquisition and Retention: 
    BPO industry has been the highest job providers. They provide employment to a lot of talented youngsters.
  • Multidimensional Aspect: Multidimensional aspect of the BPO industry helps catering the customer needs and demands and provide gap fillers to the core business processes.


BPO has proved to be the fastest growing sector…!

Current BPO service global industry market value is expected to reach $400 billion by 2020. BPO is now globally spread and widely accepted service. BPO sector of ITCube Solutions Pvt Ltd is multidimensional and one of the leading BPOs.

To know more about BPO services you can mail us on info@itcubebpo.com or you can call us on +1 (614) 434-2376.

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