Monday, May 22, 2017

Key Questions About Medical Record Summarization: What, Which, Who, Why, Where?

Key Questions About Medical Record Summarization: What, Which, Who, Why, Where?

What is Medical Record Summarization...?

The Medical summarization service is a representation of advanced services that are expected to emerge on top of medical integration systems. The service takes it's input from the patient's historical medical records and creates a patient information summary.

Which are the Services of Medical Record Summarization?
  •  Records Organization Service
a)      Records Sorting service (By Location, Date and Type of records)
b)      Indexing and Bookmarking Records
  • Medical Records Summary
  •  Billing Data Sorting and Summary
  • Keyword Search and Keyword Indexing Service
  • Location/Provider Merging Service
  • Location/ Provider Sorting Service
  • New provider identification 

Who Needs Medical Record Summarization?
Medical Record Summarization is a great benefit to medical record management companies, legal support companies, insurance firms, Medico-legal consultants, Private corporations, Physicians, Independent medical examiners, Social security Disability firms.
Why Medical Record Summarization?

A well-prepared medical record summary service saves time by organizing medical records in a concise chronological manner facilitating easy assimilation.
  1. Less paperwork and fewer storage issues
  2. Increased quality of care
  3. Financial incentives
  4. Increased efficiency and productivity
  5. Better patient care

Where to Get Started for Medical Record Summarization Process?
ITCube BPO has been doing Medical Record Summarization for a decade. If you are interested in our service, call on +1 (614) 434-2376 (US) or send us your queries at to get started. We will discuss with you all your requirements and work with you to put together a detailed scope.

These are the questions comes in mind to know about medical record summarization process. We believe our information is helpful to you. If you feel that you require all the more information with the strategy or you have any request for us kindly don’t falter to contact us.

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